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Maryland Family Hypnosis Featured  in Baltimore Sun 7/30/2007

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is first and foremost a natural state of consciousness. For most people it feels very much like the drowsy state one experiences just before drifting off to sleep. Hypnosis feels wonderful! When in hypnosis, the body is relaxed and the mind is relaxed so that helpful suggestions are readily incorporated into the subconscious mind.  The subconscious is the part of the mind that makes us do what we do, so a positive change here can reap tremendous benefits.  (...)




This Month's Focus -       Smoking Cessation

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Research Study for Nov/Dec


"I have tried numerous methods in my attempt to lose the 40 lbs of weight that I have been carrying for over a decade, with no success. I heard about Don through my Curves program that I joined in yet another attempt to lose weight and become fit. Now I'm a size 8!!! Through his program I lost 26 lbs and 16 ¾ inches already, and have never felt better! He has helped me not only to lose weight but to start loving my exercise, water is now my drink of choice and he has definitely put a stop to my “eating for comfort”!  I wish I would have known about him sooner and would highly recommend him to anyone who is ready and willing to win the “weight battle”! You will not be disappointed! 

-Dubravka Casario, Clarksville, MD

"Hey Don,
 Things have been going really well!  Attached, please find my commissions/sale worksheet for your review.  It shows that prior to our meeting, I had 2 sales closed for the year and since, I have had 3 settlements with 4 more getting ready to settle.  In addition, I am working with 4 new buyers and have 7 listings that I am trying to convert to sales.
I feel much more focused than in the past and seem to have more free time due to my focus.  I have used this time to begin training for the 2008 Annapolis Triathlon and have lost 42 pounds due to my training.
Thank you for your assistance and best regards,"
Brian C. Arnold
The Arnold Team

"I had been dealing with Claustrophobia for as long as I can remember.  I just resigned my self to the fact that every plane ride, every elevator ride, every backseat car ride was going to be excruciating.  I either had to avoid the situations altogether or medicate myself to be able to deal with it.   Working with Don for 10 minutes literally cured this phobia.  I am amazed at the effectiveness of this procedure!  Thank you Don, you cannot know how this has changed my life!"

-Suzanne N. Chicago, IL