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Dreams of Hypnosis in an SEO worldHypnosis appears in all walks of life.  Its more of a luxury treatment to have than a necessity, however we cannot deny that the importance and use of hypnosis to aid in day to day obstacles that may hinder our progress is becoming more evident.

Take for example the use of cancer relief with hypnotherapy and reiki out of Houston’s MD Anderson for example according to Northshore Magazine:

Mark Kennard, former director of community services at Bridgewell; Dr. Harvey Zarren, a physician who utilizes clinical hypnosis; and Richard Zombeck, co-host of the podcast T&Z Talk, will speak about the current opioid epidemic. By investigating the origins of substance use disorder, participants should gain a deeper understanding of the journey of substance misuse and better recognize the best course for recovery. Three CE credits will be given to attendees.

Mark Kennard is the former executive director of Project COPE, an organization that provided community-based prevention, education, and, and treatment services for individuals with substance use disorder, that merged with Bridgewell in January 2014.

Another article notes that the power of suggestion once again through the use of hypnosis might just be able to provide answers toward the cure for Amnesia the Houstonia.


WHAT IF YOUR SURGEON TOLD YOU that you would be awake for your next operation? It wouldn’t be unreasonable to picture the whiskey-fueled bullet-biting and hot-iron cauterization of a Civil War battlefield amputation. Anesthesia, in its varying forms from 19th-century chloroform and ether to today’s propofol and Amidate, has been working just fine for nearly 200 years. But Lorenzo Cohen, director of the integrative medicine program at MD Anderson Cancer Center, thinks we’re ready to move past it, using an ancient technique: hypnosis.

He and surgical staff at MD Anderson are working on a study he thinks will prove that forgoing drugs in favor of a guided state of deep relaxation is the way ahead. “The very cutting of the body is traumatic, whether you’re awake or asleep. The same with anesthesia, especially if you’re an older patient. It’s an assault to the system,” says Rosalinda Engle, a mind-body interventionist employed by the hospital, whose methods are the replacement for general anesthesia in the study.

Engle meets with patients undergoing hypno-sedation a day or two before surgery, establishing rapport and coaching them in the techniques she’ll use on the big day. Patients are selected by surgeons, based on their perceived suggestibility and other research criteria; those whose minds are likely to resist hypnosis aren’t good candidates.  Learn more about how hypnosis can help you – hypnosis Houston.